The Atlas 1 1/2 generation kit cars were made for a very short time frame.  All were later produced ready-to-run (RTR).  I became interested in these cars after they were mentioned on George Irwin's excellent Web site on Atlas First Generation cars.  I highly recommend that you visit his Web site for information on the Atlas First Generation cars.  It is found at

Another excellent Web site is Doug Gosha's.  His site documents the A1G locomotives that range from EMD E8s to USRA Mikados (2-8-2s).  Also, check his articles on motors.  It contains excellent information on putting an A1G locomotive back into running condition.  You can find Doug's Web site at

Also, consider joining the Atlas First Generation (A1G) group at Yahoo.  It is a small but dedicated group.  More information on this group can be found at

I also have a web page with many of the Atlas First Generation (A1G) building kits.  It is located at:

This is my web page showing some of the Atlas First Generation train sets:

Of course, the Atlas Model Railroad company still exists.  Visit there Web site for information on their latest product offerings.  It is located at

Specifically, this site contain a little information on the kits, plus images of most of the cars.  Four types of car kits were produced--40 foot box cars, 40 foot stock cars, 50 foot double door auto box cars, and ore cars.  The images on this page contain the standard cardboard box that these kits came in (at the top and bottom of the page).  Also, click on the thumbnail image of the instructions for a larger image.  Please follow the links below to take you to the different types of Atlas kits.

If you have any questions or have additional information on these kits, feel free to contact me, Ross Fink, at  Please enjoy your visit.

40' Box Cars

40' Stock Cars

50' Double Door Auto Box

Ore Cars

Instructions for all but ore cars:

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